Ganmain Landcare Group

Our Intention

The Ganmain & District Landcare Group is dedicated to reducing environmental impacts within our region.  Our members operate with the belief that this and future generations are dependent upon the environment, and that our actions will support awareness and encourage responsible land management.

Ganmain & District Landcare (G&DLC) formed in 1998 responding to the need to halt degeneration of the forest and creek in the centre of our town. The group started with local projects of maintaining walking tracks and clearing rubbish from the forested areas around the town.

Some Background

The Group’s first reforestation project occurred with a small grant to rehabilitate an area in the town’s forest. More needed to be done, so the group then sought assistance from the Rivercare Program and achieved the Boggy Creek Rehabilitation Project with a budget of $11,500.00.  Trees were planted and measures to reduce carp numbers in that area occurred. Still more needed to done… with considerable support from the community, local Council, the Environmental Trust and Green Corps, its major project budgeted at $232,000.00 was undertaken.

Since that time members of G&DLG with the support of a wonderful Greencorps team and the local farming community have worked to create wildlife corridors between two significant areas of remnant vegetation - the Ganmain State Forest situated approximately 10 km North West of Ganmain and woodland remnants on the edge of the Ganmain township. These woodlands contain an excellent diversity of flora and fauna species including the vulnerable Mossgiel Daisy (Brachycome papillosa), Painted Honeyeater (Grantiella picta), Swift Parrot (Lathamus discolor) and Superb Parrot (Polytelis swainsonii). Both sites also hold Grey Box, Cypress Pine and Yellow Box woodland. 

The peri-urban site features wetland habitat and it was decided to include an Interpretive Walk around this area. The Murumbang Interpretive Walk and Centre provides an important snapshot of the Group’s work and the treasure of our natural environment. The ‘walk’ has a track that winds around the Ganmain Forest, railway dams, Boggy Creek and incorporates 2 bird hides; interpretive signage that provides information on local flora and fauna; and an Interpretive Centre that provides picnic facilities, rest area and information panels on the Ganmain Rehabilitation and Reforestation Project.

And that’s not all...

Ganmain & District Landcare has successfully implemented four major projects with a combined budget of over $280,000.00. The key to G&DLG's significant achievements is in its tradition of engaging the local community. G&DLG is well regarded for its practice of promoting its local natural environment through means additional to planting trees and weed control, ie: cultural programs, educational programs and eco-tourism.

Our group is pleased to say that our achievements occur only because of the fantastic support that we have from our whole community. Some examples are:

1. Responsible Landholder Agreements:
As part of the Reforestation and Rehabilitation Project, 13 Private landholders entered into 10-year Agreements with G&DLG to establish and manage revegetation projects on their properties.  Participating landholders were provided with plants and fencing materials to install and care for a total of 5,000 plants. The partnership plantings with landholders had an aim to promote the shared benefit of Landcare practice and G&DLG is aware of 3 of the RLA farmers that have gone on to undertake further related projects on their land.

2. Activities that involve our young people:

  • The students from both of Ganmain’s schools planted a section of the wildlife corridor, creating their own ‘forest’
  • Planting days were held with onsite education about what we were planting and why
  • Our local Schools participate in National Tree Planting Days
  • Initiated by Boundary Communications and with the support of the Eastern Riverina Arts Program, a Shire-wide art competition was held.  The “Green Dreams” initiative asked young people to express their thoughts, ideas and designs for a better environment.  The competition proved a huge success with over 100 entries submitted and displayed at the Landcare site of the Ganmain Agricultural Show

Some of our memorable moments include:

  • (Then) Prime Minister, John Howard, meeting and congratulating the Greencorps Team when he visited Ganmain, in May 2002
  • In September, 2004, participants of the National Weeds Conference, viewed G&DLG project as a model for community partnerships in addressing urban weeds
  • In September, 2006, G&DLG was recognised with a site visit by the Bird Observers Club of Australia project as an exemplar for how community partnerships can rehabilitate habitat for bird and other fauna

By implementing Landcare practices within the urban community and amongst landholders, G&DLG has shown commitment to raising awareness, knowledge and understanding of Landcare. Other ways that G&DLG continue to encourage and involve our community include:

  • We submit news items that promote awareness and participation in Landcare initiatives in our local Ganmain Guardian community newsletter
  • We auspiced the “Ganmain Farming Lands - Drought Recovery and Land Rejuvenation Project” ($29,993.00 Envirofund) to decommission a dam and redirect water to natural environment; and provide seeding, planting and fencing to rejuvenate a farm-damaged area for 3 sites
  • We Facilitate Work for the Dole programs – a further 2,000 natives have been planted, mulched and roadbase spread along the Murumbang Interpretive Walk
  • G&DLG has assisted farmers in 3 Envirofund grant applications and provided copies of its plans and studies to Coolamon Landcare and Coolamon Shire Council to assist develop other projects
  • The group is supporting the Riverina & South West Slopes Nature-Based Tourism Initiative with a G&DLG committee member being part of that committee’s executive.  This Initiative is currently undertaking a significant eco-tourism project that will develop and promote Bird Watching Trails throughout the Riverina & South West Slopes.  The site audits for the whole of the Coolamon Shire LGA were undertaken by G&DLG that form the basis of this and future nature-based tourism activities
  • We are currently undertaking the "Succeed Ganmain…A Local Answer" project. Through the Ganmain Public School community, we have brought Ganmain’s young people and its community organisations together to develop an education-based Tool Kit that promotes the Ganmain region.

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